messagePic   Message from Professor Tang Tao
Dean of Science, HKBU
December, 2011  

Creativity in Science

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.
– By Albert Einstein

Creativity is the engine of science and the spark of intelligence. Creativity is not only the ability to come up with new ideas, but also narrowing down those new ideas to focus on more that can be elaborated.

Developing and nurturing creativity and innovation is essential for science students nowadays. In its very nature, science is a discipline of questioning, experimenting and thinking outside the box. Being able to engage in inquiry, innovation and creativity within the science classroom and research laboratory is particularly important for our students.

The Faculty of Science is committed to providing quality teaching and a simulating environment for nurturing the next generation of scientific innovators. The Faculty will continue to make important contributions to scientific education and introduce many inquisitive young minds in Hong Kong to the wonders of science, as well as to bring out the best in our next generation through the new four-year undergraduate curriculum – not only in educating students intellectually but also in arousing their interest in the world of discovery.


May more and more creative ideas flourish on the HKBU campus and together mark real advances in science.

Professor Tang Tao
Dean of Science
Hong Kong Baptist University