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  Dr. Hung Hin Shiu Development Fund
  The University is grateful to the Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation Limited for a donation of HK$100 million (around US$12.8 million) to set up the “Institute of Creativity – Dr. Hung Hin Shiu Development Fund”, in support of the operation, research development and academic exchange activities of the Institute, including:  
  • public lecture series on creativity delivered by Nobel Prize winners or world-class scholars;
  • renowned Scholars-in-Residence Scheme; and
  • interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research projects.
To acknowledge the Hung family for their generosity, the University held a cheque presentation ceremony on 28 March 2011. Mr. Wilfred Wong, Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU and Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor, received a donation cheque from Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu, Chairman of the Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation Limited, her son Mr. Billy Hung and daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Wong.

To further promote interactions within the University community, Professor Albert Chan vacated his President’s residence, Shiu Pong Hall, and designated it as a centre for exchanging ideas. The Hung family together with members of the Institute of Creativity were invited to a gathering at Shiu Pong Hall on 11 May 2011. To express his heartfelt gratitude to the Hung family for their staunch support to the University, Professor Chan specially composed a couplet and presented it as a souvenir to Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu. The wordings of the Chinese couplet were:

To the glory of God and mindful of thoughts Confucian,
Nurture the nation* with virtue and learning for the whole person.
[Note*]: ‘Nurture the nation’ is roughly the meaning carried by the phrase ‘Shiu Pong’. ‘Shiu and Pong’ are the names of Dr. Hung Hin Shiu and Mrs. Hung Yeung Pong Wah of the Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation Limited. The Hung family has given their staunch support to the Hong Kong Baptist University over four decades.

Shiu Pong’ means ‘to continue or to perpetuate the nation’. The name given to mark ‘Shiu Pong Hall’ is an indication of the donor’s aspiration to preserve and promote Christian and Confucian values which are so important to the future of the nation, and central to HKBU’s commitment to whole person education.
Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation Limited
  The Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation Limited was founded by the late Dr. Hung Hin Shiu, a long-standing friend and staunch supporter of the University. Over four decades, Dr. Hung not only actively participated in the University’s affairs but also made significant contributions to the development of the University by serving on the Council and the Court and acting as chairman of several fundraising committees. As early as in the 1970s, when Hong Kong Baptist College was still a private institution struggling for survival, Dr. Hung generously established an endowment fund, the first in the College’s history.
  In loving memory of her husband, Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu and her family made a generous donation to the University to set up an endowment fund as an extension of Dr. Hung’s caring love and tremendous support towards the University over the years.
    Application for Funding of IoC Events/Activities/Research Projects  
    Faculties/Schools/Academy/Departments/Offices can submit requests on behalf of individual academic staff members for funding of events/activities/research projects in line with the Institute's objectives, which emphasize any of the following: creativity; branding of HKBU, especially in the local community; youth activities; cross-disciplinarity; collaboration, both internally and externally on a global scale.  
    Proposals may be submitted at any time. IoC funding is normally limited to HK$100,000 for each event/activity/research project. Exceptionally, larger requests will be considered if suitably justified.  
    IoC funding may complement, but not duplicate, funding through other HKBU-wide schemes, e.g. the Strategic Development Fund or Conference Grants. In particular, IoC funds may serve as matching funds for other schemes. Use of IoC funds must comply with all applicable HKBU regulations and will be monitored by the Finance Office.  
    For research proposals, a maximum of one submission per year per academic staff will be entertained; each research project shall last for no more than two years.   
    For more details on the application for funding of IoC events/activities/research projects, please click here.