messagePic   Cross-Cultural Studies
  The David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies (LEWI) aims at fostering research in East-West studies and cultivating collaborative scholarship between the East and the West. As the pace of globalisation intensifies and inter-cultural, inter-ethnic and inter-religious encounters accelerate, the work of LEWI has manifested itself in a significant manner in recent years. With Hong Kong as its base, LEWI aspires to become a global leader in multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural studies through academic interaction with universities worldwide. LEWI’s network not only covers the Pacific Rim region but also countries in the West, thereby enabling communication across the continents.  

LEWI focuses on three specific yet interrelated research themes, and organises research activities according to three working groups of individual areas of interest. The working groups are:

  • mobility studies;
  • urbanisation environment, health, and sustainability;
  • cross-cultural studies.

The Cross-Cultural Studies Working Group also looks into collaborative possibilities, particularly within the LEWI network, of jointly undertaking funded research in the following areas:

  • foreign communities on the Mainland, in Hong Kong and Macau;
  • human trafficking in Asia; and
  • history of Christianity in China, 1978 to the present.