messagePic   Computational and Theoretical Studies
  The Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies has been formed by consolidating a number of existing research centres established by the University and the Faculty of Science. The Institute encompasses a wide spectrum of disciplines including nonlinear and complex systems, e-transformation, mathematical imaging and vision, high performance cluster computing, applied mathematics, ubiquitous computing, statistics research, computational mathematics and quantitative systems biology.  
The Institute comprises different research teams covering a wide range of expertise in order to build on the existing research strengths of individual research centres to develop interdisciplinary research.

The Institute aims to:

  • provide a platform for different research groups to enhance interdisciplinary group research in computational and theoretical studies;
  • establish a resource centre for international/regional scholars to conduct collaborative research;
  • conduct high impact research building on existing research strengths; and
foster academic exchange to keep abreast of the latest developments.