messagePic   Development of New Drugs based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
  In recent years, the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medicine has garnered much interest. TCM treatment, education, research and products are now gaining recognition worldwide.  
In order to speed up the modernisation and globalisation of TCM, it is important to identify and focus on the critical obstacles in developing and promoting TCM. The Institute aims to facilitate the globalisation of TCM as well as to promote Chinese traditional culture with the spirit of "inheritance, innovation, integration".
The research initiatives aim to:
  • explore TCM scientific literature and ancient classical TCM medical records, and establish and systemise TCM databases, thus facilitating scientific and systematic research on TCM concepts;
  • study the mechanisms underlying TCM's efficacy and safety;
  • study how to establish a well-recognised quality control system for TCM;
  • elucidate TCM theories using scientific methods and techniques in order to facilitate the development of innovative drug research;
  • provide the general public with information on integrative therapies from TCM and Western medicine in the areas of personal healthcare and treatment of illnesses.