Professor Li-Jun Wan
  Professor Li-jun Wan graduated at the Dalian University of Technology in 1982 and got his PhD at Tohoku University, Japan in 1996. Professor Wan was the researcher of the Japan Science and Technology Corporation, assistant professor and visiting professor at Japan Northeastern University and Hokkaido University. He was elected as "Hundred Talents", Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 1998 and worked in the Institute of Chemistry. Currently, he was the researcher of Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences; the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the Third World Academy of Sciences; director of Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology and Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences (chips). Professor Wan served as the director of Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences from February 2004 to January 2013. He conducted research in scanning probe microscopy, electrochemistry and nanomaterials science. He had published more than 300 papers in the journals including Nature Comm., Acc. Chem. Res., PNAS, Angew. Chem., JACS and other academic journals. He won the "Outstanding Youth Fund" from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Wan was invited as chief editor of Acc. Chem. Res., JACS, Adv. Mater., Chem. Mater., ChemComm., PCCP, NANO, Journal of Physical Chemistry.