messagePic   Message from Professor Albert Chan
Former President & Vice-Chancellor
December, 2011  
  The demand for creative talent capable of taking on the challenges of a volatile and increasingly complex world is booming as a consequence of the breathtaking technological advances and the rapid evolvement of a globalised economy. With its distinctive vision of Whole Person Education, developed and matured over more than five decades, Hong Kong Baptist University is ideally positioned to meet that demand by cultivating our next generation's creativity and fostering frontier research for the betterment of mankind.  
Innovative research is one of the University's strategic directions. The Institute of Creativity, founded in March 2011, offers a unique platform for international academic exchange by further promoting interdisciplinary research and theme-based research. It will focus on five interdisciplinary research areas – development of new drugs based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, chemical technologies and new materials, Chinese classical learning and sinology, computational and theoretical studies, and cross-cultural studies.
An important way in which the Institute will nurture creative initiatives at HKBU is through collaboration with scholars and researchers from all over the world. Internationally acclaimed scholars in different academic disciplines, including Nobel Laureates, will be invited to exchange ideas with students, researchers and faculty members of the University and to collaborate on special projects.
At the founding of the Institute, the University community had the invaluable opportunity to interact with three Nobel Laureates and a renowned artist in distinguished lectures, forums and casual sharing sessions. I believe interaction of this kind is truly beneficial to students and colleagues, not only in terms of academic enrichment but also in inspiring them to explore their potential by gaining insights into the strength of character of these world-class scholars
Going forward, we will strive to achieve the highest standards in the pursuit of excellence in innovative research and dedicated service to the community through the Institute of Creativity.

Professor Albert S. C. Chan
President and Vice-Chancellor
Hong Kong Baptist University