messagePic   Message from Professor Zhao Xinshu
Dean of Communication, HKBU
December, 2011  

Hearty congratulations on the birth of the Institute of Creativity.


The establishment of the Institute of Creativity represents another milestone in the strategic development of Hong Kong Baptist University. With initial foci on five research areas, the Institute of Creativity will foster a favourable cross-disciplinary environment of enriching scholarly pursuit, promoting academic interaction, attracting world-class scholars, nurturing initiatives, and enhancing knowledge transfer.

The establishment of the Institute of Creativity prompts us to rethink questions centering on creativity which has become one of today's buzzwords: What does creativity mean? Where does the essence of creativity lie? Is creativity a skill that can be trained or taught? How can creativity be nourished? Although creativity may be defined from different perspectives, it has become increasingly evident that creativity is the key to success of tertiary education and scholarly research. To a significant degree, a successful university has to be run with creativity.

For the School of Communication, the importance of creativity and innovation cannot be overemphasised. For years, we have taken creativity and innovation as the heart of our professional activities and academic research. Over 40 years ago, when HKBU established the first communication programme in higher education in Asia, it was also one of the few in the world. Over four years ago, when HKBU started the first Pulitzer Winners' Workshop series, it was the first in the world. Over one year ago, when HKBU established the Academy of Film under the School, it was the first in Hong Kong.

More firsts are coming in association with the School of Communication at HKBU – the first Doctoral Programme in Applied Communication in Asia and perhaps in the world, the first Carter Center Initiative outside Atlanta.


The founding of the Institute of Creativity will certainly provide more opportunities for us at the School of Communication. To keep pace with rapid social and technological changes, we will double our efforts in advocating creativity and innovation, in inspiring our students with creative minds, imaginative thinking, and innovative performance, and in building up a culture which will allow new ideas, fresh concepts and methods to bubble up and which will facilitate interdisciplinary interactions among researchers, faculty members, and students. It is also our hope that creativity and innovation in our professional programmes and activities at School of Communication can be further recognised.

As President Albert S. C. Chan said, "… the Institute of Creativity will drive us to achieve the highest standards in the pursuit of excellence in innovative research and dedicated service to the community." We believe that. And let us work harder and in a down-to-earth manner to make the belief a reality.

Professor Zhao Xinshu
Dean of Communication
Hong Kong Baptist University